The Planet Saturn; for Real

This is what I knew about Saturn before this whole journey:

It is a planet.

It is bigger than most things in Earth, including, quite possibly, the Earth itself.

It is very very far away. Even if I were the Silver Surfer, it’d be a long ride.

It has rings.

Regardless of this fact, it remains unmarried. (Don’t know if prop 8 has celestial jurisdiction)

Now for the basic FACTS:


Distance from the Sun:

Mean: 1427 million km (9.539 a.u.)

Max: 1507 million km (10.069 a.u.)

Min: 1347 million km (9.008 a.u.)

Sidereal period: 29.46 years

Mean synodic period: 378.1 days

Rotation period: 10 h 13 m 59 s

Mean orbital velocity: 9.6 km/s

Axial inclination: 26 deg 44 min

Diameter: 120536 km

Density, water = 1:0.71

Mass, Earth = 1:95.17

Volume, Earth = 1:744

Escape velocity: 32.26 km/s

Surface gravity, Earth = 1:1.16

Mean surface temperature: -180°C

And more to come as FACTS pertain and/or INFORM-RELATE to Saturn Returns LORE!!!!


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